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Payment of Sessions
After the Initial Consultation is concluded and personal training packages have been discussed and decided
upon, payment is due in full at that time; unless prior arrangements have been made.   
All payments thereafter, will be due after the client’s evaluations and before  the start of the next set of sessions.

Termination of Sessions
Absolutely no refunds will be given for paid sessions/packages.
Your PT slot will be held until I am given notice of termination.  I must receive notice at least 2 weeks in advance.  
This gives me enough time to fill your time slot.  
All training packages have a 6-month expiration on them, regardless of circumstances.

Cancellation Policy
Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours  in advance (if not, you will be charged for missed sessions).  
All last minute cancellations will be charged.
No Shows
If you do not call or show up for a scheduled workout session, you will be charged for that day.  

****Policies are enforced because I have to make a living!
Please don’t take advantage of my kindness!

Each Participant is responsible for:
Their own weights- 5lb weights are usually good.  If you need lighter, I have 2’s, 3’s.
Showing up on time, ready to workout
Signing in

I will provide:
A heart pumping workout!

Payment for each set of sessions or class is due in full, before or upon start of the first class session.
Absolutely no refunds!
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